sunday sessions

Picture the scene; it's a cold Sunday morning some time in 1993, and a young 13 year old DJ / producer from North London stands next to his shiny new Techincs 1200s. Having spent the preceding months collecting tracks heard at after parties he'd managed to sneak into (or only able to stand outside of), it was time for DJ $ki to mix his first proper tape ... and so the Sunday Sessions were born.

Quality House & Garage from the USA, UK and Italy were the order of the day, presenting the most up-front next to a selection of classics. Right from the start, each tape was sent to be professionally manufactured in small quantities. The series ran without break from 1993 to 1999, during which time 49 volumes were produced; 42 on cassette, 7 on CD. After a 9 year break, number 50 was released in October 2007.

The mixes were originally given out at local North London record stores and randomly dropped in Central London fashion shops. During the peak years of 1995 to 1997, more were produced for ravers at the Super Sunday parties. Every 7 tapes ended with a special edition, some included live recordings from the Sunday parties, and some were given up to a different genre altogether.

Now, for the very first time, all of the original mixes have been recovered, recorded, restored, tracked and uploaded without tape breaks as high quality MP3s for your listening pleasure. As the series continues to grow, with new sessions mixed by Undertone, they'll be added to the archive right here on

Occasionally people find one of the original brightly coloured tapes in their old car or even older walkman. If you're lucky enough to still have one, hang onto that piece of history - or even better, let us know about it!